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Free to use for the organizer | Ultra low fees | Ready to receive payments in seconds | Integrate for free on your website

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Start Your Ticket Sales in:


Create Your Event

Share event details, set ticket types and prices, and instantly start receiving payments and signups via a unique link. Customize with additional ticket options for varied pricing if needed.


Spread The Word

Attendees sign up in seconds on a unique event page and pay with MobilePay or credit card if needed. Share the link on social media or integrate ticket sales on your website. Easily manage signups and event details via your dashboard.


Stay In Charge

On event day, access a full attendee list for easy check-in on any device. Attendees receive tickets via email, printable or for display on smartphones. Post-event, receive an automatic summary of ticket sales and funds deposited directly to your bank account.

Are you organising an event?

Regardless if it’s the Christmas lunch, intro trip or the local soccer tournament, we have made it easy for you as an organiser. Forget about complicated spreadsheets and time-consuming sale. With BilletFix you can do it all online – and it’s even free!

Sell tickets from your own website

Attendees can signup from your own websiteIt’s as easy as copy & paste to start selling tickets on your own website. Do you prefer a separate event page? No problem – the choice is yours. 

Wholesome free online ticketing platform

Custom information about your guests

Do you want to know something about your guests during their signup? Get all the information you would like with custom fields. Does any of your guests have food allergies? What field of study are your guests from? Is it the first time they are attending your event? As an organiser you can get information on all this and more.


We have a ticketing system to suit every need. Choose the model that best suits you and your events.

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If you hold events without payment
DKK 0 per ticket
  • Free creation
  • Unlimited number of tickets
  • Integrate on your own website
Hvidt BilletFix logo


If your guests pay for your tickets
DKK 3+3% per ticket
  • Free creation
  • Unlimited number of tickets
  • Integrate on your own website


Event organizers' favourite
DKK 4+4% per ticket
  • Free creation
  • Unlimited number of tickets
  • 10+ pro features

Discount & early birds

Create early bird tickets or give discounts to particular members of your organisation, or perhaps give out a few tickets for free? As an organiser, you can create coupons that provide a discount in the purchasing process.

gratis app: Billetscanner

Download your new best friend

Follow the ticket sales and scan tickets at the event through the BilletFix app.

Guests can pay with MobilePay or credit card

50% of our users pay with MobilePay. After the event has competed, your money is deposited directly into your bank account.

MobilePay Visa Mastercard

Start selling tickets today

Create your event and begin selling tickets today. It’s free for the organizer to use BilletFix and it takes less than a minute to get started.

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