Ligesom ved andre online køb bliver der tillagt et kortgebyr, hvor vores udbyder koster følgende (alle priser inkluderer moms): 1,47% af den samlede pris for dansk udstedte betalingskort (minimum 0,75 kr); 1,47% af den samlede pris for europæisk udstedte betalingskort (minimum 2,32 kr); 3,67% af den samlede pris for internationale betalingskort (minimum 2,32 kr).

Foruden kortgebyret bliver der pålagt et billetgebyr på DKK 3,00 per billet (inkl. moms), hvis billetprisen er over DKK 0.

General Terms and Conditions for Event Organizers

BilletFix ticketing service is an online market platform that via its website and app provides event organizers with simple and quick means to market and sell tickets and associated products/services directly to consumers.

These general terms and conditions apply to the Agreement entered into between BilletFix and its event organizers. No other terms and conditions shall apply unless otherwise agreed in writing by a representative of BilletFix authorized to do so.

1. Definitions.

”BilletFix” shall mean BilletFix IVS (Danish company reg. no. 37073911), having its registered offices at Porcelænshaven 26, 1., 2000 Frederiksberg, . “Organizer“ shall mean the person or legal entity that subscribes to BilletFix Services with the purpose of advertising events and selling tickets to event as well as associated products/services. “Agreement” shall mean the agreement entered into between BilletFix and the Organizer regarding provision of BilletFix Services to the Organizer and to which these terms and conditions shall apply. “BilletFix Services” shall mean the services provided by BilletFix to the Organizer in accordance with the Agreement and these terms and conditions, including but not limited to the BilletFix platform on its website(s), domain(s) and mobile application(s).

2. Collection of payment.

BilletFix subcontractor Ticketbutler (Danish company reg. no: 38404687, Mågevej 10, st. th., 2400 København NV, Denmark) will on behalf of BilletFix receive customer payments, including VAT and fees, from the customers on behalf of the Organizer. As such, Ticketbutler will on behalf of BilletFix collect a fee of DKK 3,00 per ticket (including VAT) if the ticket price is above DKK 0.00 per ticket. Further, Ticketbutler will on behalf of BilletFix collect a fee of 1.375 % (minimum DKK 0,60) for payments done via Danish and European payment cards (e.g. VISA and Mastercard) and 3.44 % (minimum DKK 1,85) for payments done via foreign payment cards; calculated on the basis of the price, including ticket fee and VAT. Payment will be collected directly after the ticket and/or associated products/services are shipped to the consumer, including shipping by electronic means.

3. Payment to Organizer.

BilletFix needs to be able to refund the ticket price to the consumer if the relevant event is cancelled. Therefore, Ticketbutler will on behalf of BilletFix pay out the ticket price to the Organizer after the event has been performed. Payment terms are 14 calendar days from the date of the event and correct invoicing, but Ticketbutler strives to transfer the money within 3 working days. Interests of 3.0 % per annum shall accrue on late payments. Payment shall be made to the account specified by the Organizer; any associated transfer fees and similar shall be deducted from the payment and born by the Organizer.

4. Data and Intellectual Property Rights.

All technical information and data regarding the BilletFix ticketing Services are the property of Ticketbutler, including but not limited to all user-data gathered via the BilletFix website or app. All intellectual property rights connected with the BilletFix ticketing Services are the property of Ticketbutler, including but not limited to all rights associated with the BilletFix website and app and the BilletFix trademark. The Organizer shall not sublicense, distribute, transfer, copy, reproduce, display or modify such rights belonging to Ticketbutler.

5. Use of the BilletFix Services.

BilletFix grants the Organizer a non-exclusive, revocable, limited right to access and use the BilletFix ticketing Services for the purposes of registering events and advertising tickets to events as well as associated products/services.

6. Organizer’s responsibility.

The Organizer is responsible for providing appropriate, accurate, up-to-date and relevant information on its events, tickets, prices, terms, associated products/services, etc., via the BilletFix Services. It is the Organizer’s sole obligation to ensure that any event page posting on the BilletFix Services and the nature and conduct of the underlying event meet all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and that the goods and services described in any event page posting are actually delivered in a satisfactory manner.

7. Customer refunds and complaints.

Because all transactions are between an Organizer and its respective customer(s), BilletFix asks that all customers contact the applicable Organizer of their event with any refund requests, complaints or claims. Organizers agree to maintain and adhere to a refund, complaint and claims policy in full compliance with applicable law and general standards. BilletFix and its subcontractor Ticketbutler may, in its sole discretion, attempt to mediate disputes concerning refunds, complaints or claims; however, BilletFix and Ticketbutler will have no liability for an Organizer’s failure to give refunds or to otherwise respond appropriately to complaints and claims. Organizer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless BilletFix, its affiliates, subcontractors, and agents from and against all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of or related to transactions between a customer or user and Organizer via the BilletFix Services.

8. Claims from Organizer.

Any claim by the Organizer against BilletFix must be in writing to be valid. Claims for losses or damages must be made against BilletFix no later than 30 calendar days after the Organizer became aware or should have become aware of such losses or damages.

9. Limitation of liability.

BilletFix and its subcontractor Ticketbutler are only liable for losses or damages to the extent that they can be contributed to gross negligence or intent by BilletFix and its subcontractor Ticketbutler. BilletFix and its subcontractor Ticketbutler are not liable for any indirect or consequential losses or damages. BilletFix and its subcontractor Ticketbutler are not liable for any losses or damages incurred due to any deviation by the Organizer from BilletFix’s instructions and guidance on the use of the BilletFix Services.

10. The Organizer’s information.

The Organizer agrees that Ticketbutler and BilletFix may store and use the Organizer’s contact information to provide the Organizer with the information requested by the Organizer and to use and share the Organizer’s contact information with users and customers. BilletFix and Ticketbutler may also use the Organizer’s contact information to confirm the Organizer’s identity, solicit the Organizer’s views on BilletFix’s services, develop new offers and promotions, and for market research. BilletFix and its subcontractor Ticketbutler always reserves the right to disclose contact information and personal data in order to (i) comply with applicable laws; (ii) respond to governmental enquiries (or enquiries from a legal, governmental or quasi-governmental or local authority agency or Internet protection agency of any type);

(iii) comply with a valid legal process or procedure; or

(iv) protect BilletFix’s rights or property, BilletFix’s services and/or other users of the BilletFix Services.

11. No representations.

Except as expressly stated in the Agreement or in these terms and conditions, BilletFix makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, including no warranty as to non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. BilletFix does not warrant or guarantee that the BilletFix Services will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the BilletFix Services will result in any revenue or profit for the Organizer.

12. Termination.

Either party is entitled to terminate the Agreement, these terms and conditions, and the BilletFix Services provided hereunder by written notice 24 hours in advance. The Organizer shall be obliged to make any payments owed due to BilletFix Services rendered prior to termination and to honor any obligations entered into with customers prior to termination. BilletFix shall be obliged to provide any BilletFix Services that have already been paid for.

13. Changes to Terms.

BilletFix reserves the right to amend and change these terms and conditions and/or its privacy policy. All changes and amendments will be made public online. Such changes will only apply to new events and not previously established events. By continuing to use the BilletFix Services after such changes and/or amendments, the Organizer expresses its acknowledgement and acceptance of the changes and amendments.

14. Force Majeure.

Neither party is liable for losses or damages resulting from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the party, including but not limited to events of war, terror, fire, governmental restrictions, natural catastrophes, strikes, lock-outs, etc. In addition, BilletFix is not liable for losses or damages resulting from any internet platform or similar asserting restrictions or prohibitions against BilletFix and its BilletFix Services.

15. Law and Venue.

The Agreement and these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark, without giving effect to the conflict of law principles thereof. The Organizer irrevocably consent to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of the City Court of Copenhagen in the first instance.

Købs Betingelser

Nedenstående betingelser er gældende for enhver transaktion formidlet af BilletFix IVS, CVR: 37073911, Porcelænshaven 26, 1., 2000 Frederiksberg, (herefter benævnt ”BilletFix”).

1. Generelt

BilletFix er en online handelsplatform, som formidler billetter og associerede ydelser. Vi er en handelsplatform, hvor eventarrangører fremviser arrangementer og kan sælge billetter mv. til arrangementerne.

Ved din brug af BilletFix’ website, app eller forbundne tjenesteydelser (herefter samlet: ”BilletFix Services”) indgår du en bindende formidlingsaftale med BilletFix på de betingelser, som følger af nærværende standardvilkår samt af BilletFix’ privatlivspolitik.

Ved at købe en billet eller anden ydelse gennem BilletFix Services køber du derfor din billet/ydelse direkte af arrangøren og BilletFix er alene formidler heraf.

I forbindelse med oprettelsen som bruger af BilletFix Services bekræfter du at have læst og accepteret disse betingelser samt vores privatlivspolitik, og du bekræfter samtidigt, at du er myndig og over 18 år.

BilletFix forbeholder sig ret til enhver tid at ændre disse standardvilkår og BilletFix’ privatlivspolitik. Alle ændringer vil blive offentliggjort online. Ved at fortsætte med at gøre brug af BilletFix Services efter ændringer af disse handelsvilkår eller privatlivspolitikken, herunder ved køb et billetter via BilletFix Services, udtrykker du din forståelse og accept af de ændrede standardvilkår og/eller privatlivspolitik.

2. Bestilling og Betaling

Billetter mv. købes via BilletFix Services til den der angivne pris plus eventuelle gebyrer og omkostninger, som oplyses førend købet effektueres. Ved at klikke på "Køb billetter"-knappen afgiver du et ønske til BilletFix og eventarrangøren om at købe en eller flere billetter eller anden ydelse. Købet er imidlertid ikke endeligt afsluttet, førend du modtager en ordrebekræftelse eller den bestilte ydelse pr. e-mail. BilletFix forbeholder sig ret til at afvise dit køb med eller uden begrundelse.

Du kan betale med Visa, MasterCard samt MobilePay. Betaling kan kun ske ved online betaling via BilletFix Services. BilletFix henleder din opmærksomhed på, at du efter reglerne i lov om betalingstjenester og elektroniske penge har indsigelsesret med henblik på at standse eller tilbageføre betalingstransaktioner i BilletFix Services.

For billetter vil du blive opkrævet et gebyr på DKK 3,00 pr. billet (inkl. moms), hvis billetten har en pris der overstiger DKK 0,00. Til købsprisen, inklusiv billetgebyr og moms, tillægges der endvidere et betalingskortgebyr på 1,375% (minimum DKK 0,60) for danske- og EU-udstedte betalingskort (3,44% for udenlandske betalingskort, minimum DKK 1,85). Alle priser er inklusiv moms medmindre andet er angivet. Ved gratis billetter pålægges ikke billet- eller kortgebyr. Billet- og kortgebyr refunderes ikke.

Din betaling vil blive hævet fra dit betalingskort eller konto, når billetten eller anden ydelse er afsendt til dig via e-mail. Hvis betaling ikke modtages, vil billetten eller den eventuelle anden ydelse blive annulleret. Betalingen behandles af BilletFix’ underleverandør Ticketbutler (cvr: 38404687, Mågevej 10, st. th., 2400 København NV) på vegne af BilletFix, hvorfor denne virksomhed kan fremgå i bankdetaljer.

3. Levering

Levering af billet sker via e-mail afsendt af BilletFix i form af en PDF-fil. Levering vil ske til den e-mail, du har oplyst i forbindelse med bestillingen, og levering anses for sket, når billetten er afsendt fra BilletFix pr. e-mail.

4. Refundering af billetter og aflysning

Efter ”Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler” kan du have en fortrydelsesret vedr. dine køb. Vi gør opmærksom på, at din fortrydelsesret er et forhold mellem dig og arrangøren.

Billetter. Du skal være opmærksom på, at billetter i henhold til ”Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler § 17” som udgangspunkt ikke er omfattet af en fortrydelsesret. I tilfælde af aflysning henvises der til den ansvarlige arrangør for yderligere information og eventuel refundering. Billetter refunderes i sådanne tilfælde som udgangspunkt altid. Vi gør særligt opmærksom på, at vi som formidler af billetten ikke hæfter for aflysninger ol.

Andre ydelser. For andre ydelser har du efter forbrugeraftaleloven ret til at fortryde dit køb inden for 14 kalenderdage uden begrundelse. Fristen beregnes forskelligt alt efter, om der er tale om køb af en vare eller køb af en tjenesteydelse. Ved køb af en vare løber fortrydelsesfristen fra det tidspunkt, hvor du får varen i fysisk besiddelse. Ved køb af tjenesteydelser løber fortrydelsesfristen fra aftalens indgåelse.

Fortrydelsesretten er betinget af, at ydelsen leveres tilbage til arrangøren i væsentlig samme stand og mængde, som den var ved leveringen til dig.

Hvis du ønsker at gøre brug af din fortrydelsesret over for arrangøren, skal du tage direkte kontakt til arrangøren og derefter returnere varen til samme. Arrangøren vil derefter tilbagebetale købesummen til dig. Du kan også vælge at give BilletFix meddelelse om, at du ønsker at bruge din fortrydelsesret ved fx at udfylde denne formular, og BilletFix vil herefter tage kontakt til arrangøren herom.

Det fremhæves, at du har 2 års reklamationsret under købeloven vedrørende varer og 3 år vedrørende tjenesteydelser, som du har købt via BilletFix. Du skal imidlertid reklamere inden rimelig tid efter at du opdager en mangel.

5. Ansvarsbegrænsning

BilletFix har ikke mulighed for at genfremsende en billet ved bortkomst deraf. Ønske om genfremsendelse af eventuelt bortkommen billet skal ske til arrangøren.

BilletFix hæfter ikke og kan ikke gøres ansvarlig i tilfælde af betalingsstandsning, konkurs, aflysning eller flytning af dato for afholdelse af et arrangement eller andre reklamationer vedrørende det aktuelle arrangement. Al henvendelse herom rettes til arrangøren, som er din direkte kontraktpart.

BilletFix hæfter ikke og kan ikke gøres ansvarlig for eventuelle krav i forbindelse med kopiering eller videresalg af billetter.

6. Lovvalg og værneting

Vores aftale reguleres og fortolkes i henhold til dansk lov uden hensyn til reglerne i dansk ret om lovvalg eller lovkonflikter. Eksklusivt værneting for enhver tvist skal være domstolene i Danmark.

7. Øvrige vigtige bestemmelser

BilletFix tager forbehold for eventuelle skrive- og/eller trykfejl i BilletFix Services, herunder i priser og vedrørende udsolgte events.

Vi tager også forbehold om at annullere din(e) billet(ter) mod tilbagebetaling af billettens pris (billet- og kortgebyr refunderes ikke).